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Business Solutions

Driving Continuous Improvement

Aspire ID8 provides a revolutionary business diagnostic solution that solves business problems collaboratively, delivering an automated prioritised roadmap for change and measuring the effectiveness of your change activities over time to drive continuous performance improvement

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Generate Insights

ID8 enables small and/or large groups of stakeholders to participate and share their perspectives on areas of weakness and thoughts on what needs to change. ID8 allows aggregation of quantitative data and qualitative / narrative information to be analysed to generate practical insights on any given topic.

Accelerate Decision

ID8 automatically aggregates multiple stakeholders responses taking account of risk, impact and priority to help leadership to consider teams and external stakeholders perspectives on challenges. An automated priority planning report helps leadership to focus on the group consensus on top priorities and define a plan of action.

Solve Problems

ID8 enables stakeholders to share simple or detailed feedback on the current state problems and provide their suggestions on what needs to be improved and how this can be achieved. This enables quick, deep and rich gathering of change suggestions to enable faster decision making and empowers the team to participate and help.

Take Action

ID8 by providing an automated Priority Planning report and Current State (AS IS) and Future State (TO BE) reports enables the leadership team to quickly agree on a suggested roadmap for change. Allowing the project structure to be created rapidly and the key tasks and activities to be considered and shaped accordingly.

Assess Change Effectiveness

ID8 provides a unique time-phased analytical reporting capability to take the pulse of the business at a given time and re-run at a later time to determine whether change activities have been effective. This enables ID8 to provide a platform to drive continuous performance improvement across the breadth of the organisation.


ID8 provides analytics that enable comparisons between organisations to be made across groups of companies and between companies as appropriate. This enables leadership teams to understand the leaders and laggards in their portfolio and take the appropriate action to close the gaps identified.

What our clients say about solutions

The Aspire ID8 product helped to generate a range of very useful insights and helped us to consider our workplace strategy for the future. The diagnostic results delivered clear preferences for office redesign and gave the leadership team the confidence to push ahead with the design and implement the change required.


The Aspire ID8 product provides an extensive set of automated analytics, reports and extracts underpinned by a sound logical product design. We designed, configured, loaded, tested and proved the first iteration of our Ethics diagnostic in less than 2-3 days elapsed time after drafting our question set. The training provided has been excellent with Aspire simply working as a close member of our team.


Thank you for the excellent training session. I now clearly understand the analytics, reports and extracts available - it is great that the reports can be branded!. I am impressed that the mechanics behind the model works well, and I know that you are constantly developing extra features to make the tool even better. What is available now is very impressive!


The innovative Aspire ID8 Business Diagnostic product provides a rapid collaborative and cost-efficient solution to tackle diagnostic challenges within the Financial Services sector. Building strong and collaborative long-term relationships is key to our success, and I am fortunate to have Aspire as part of the team.

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Who we help

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SME, Charity & NFP Directors (CXO's)

Drive continuous improvement initiatives
Empower and align staff
Collaboratively generate an automated roadmap for change

Education (Degree / Masters Courses)

Provide undergraduates & graduates with field based practical consulting experience
Student's design, build & run client diagnostic projects
Strengthens University / College relationships with Industry contacts

Independent Consultants / Consultancy Businesses

Opportunity to differentiate & broaden Services
Opportunity for service delivery by consultants/consultancies
Commission on license sales & Improve prospect qualification through pre-sales diagnostics

Technology Businesses

Opportunity to differentiate & Broaden Services
Business opportunity for services delivery
Earn Commission on license sales
Improve prospect qualification through pre-sales diagnostics

Financial Services, PE & VC Firms

Drive continuous improvement across portfolio
Empower and align staff to solve problems
Automated cross-portfolio business analysis
Automated generation of the roadmap for change

Enterprise Industry Directors

Drive continuous improvement across enterprise
Empower and align staff to shape change
Automated cross-organisation analytics
Automated generation of the business roadmap for change

How ID8 can help you.


The ID8 SME option is tailored to helping SME Industry directors, the Education sector, the public sector (local and national government) and also Not for Profit / Charitable organisations by providing a lower cost licence option to use the power of the ID8 diagnostics across the breadth of their organisations. This enables these organisations to benefit from management consulting support for a fraction of the traditional costs associated. Aspire is committed to providing help to build capabilities internally within these organisations to empower them to take action.


The ID8 B2B option is tailored to helping entrepreneurs and organisations who want to offer their clients a differentiated range of services as part of a commercial relationship with Aspire. This suits independent consultants & entrepreneurs and consultancy and technology organisations looking to find new and creative ways to help their clients to identify problems and demonstrate a practical need for their own products & service offers. Options include reseller licences for consultants/consultancies and development licence options for technology companies.

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The ID8 Enterprise option enables Enterprise scale organisations in the Financial Services and other industry sectors to leverage the strength of the ID8 offering across their entire Group Organisation structure. This provides the ability to run diagnostics across 100’s/1000’s of employees in order to assess change requirements across the breadth of the group through a single 2-3 week exercise for a fraction of the cost of traditional management consultancy engagements. This enriches the insights generated, accelerates decision making and allows practical action to be taken faster.