Mergers & Acquisitions Diagnostic Series

The Mergers & Acquisitions Diagnostics series provides a range of corporate development focused business diagnostics that help organisations to undertake rapid due diligence exercises, acquisition integration planning, separation/divestment/carve out planning and business...

Mergers & Acquisitions Diagnostic Series

The Mergers and Acquisitions Diagnostics series helps organisation and business functions to prepare, plan and execute their deal activities from either a buy side (Acquiror) or sell side (Vendor) perspective. A range of diagnostics are provided to help with a range of activities throughout the deal lifecycle and include the following:

1. Due Diligence Diagnostic Series for conducting due diligence activities across core business functions from either a buyer or vendor perspective.

2. Acquisition Integration and Synergy Realisation planning from a vendor or buyer perspective.

3. Divestment planning from the vendors perspective

4. Portfolio assessment diagnostics that look across the business portfolio of a business group, PE or VC portfolio and helps the corporate development team and/or portfolio account/business managers to review the portfolio of businesses they are responsible to determine if they should sell, invest, turnaround and/or restructure.

5. Exit Readiness diagnostics allow the founders / owners / directors to consider the readiness of the organisation and themselves to sell their business. Exploring the current state of the business and their personal preferences in confidential 1:1 meetings or key group meetings.

6. The Business Growth Diagnostic is focused on assessing how the business needs to improve to drive growth over a defined period of time to help the owners / directors to optimise the sale value of the business or fulfil the potential of the business over a defined time period objective.  

The Merger and Acquisition Series of diagnostic help to assess current state and define future state aspirations taking into account impact, risk and priority to deliver a prioritised roadmap for change to define the actions required to address gaps and take advantage of opportunities rapidly while harnessing the contributions of the key stakeholders involved to determine the optimum path forward for the business and deal situation being analysed.

The diagnostics can be deployed in full, or simply narrowed in focus, or rapidly adapted in line with your own preferences to provide a tailored diagnostic review. If you prefer to design your own model then this is easily achieved with or without our help and simply and quickly loaded into the ID8 platform to run your diagnostic.

The benefits in terms of speed of analysis, richness and deepness of the insights generated and the positive cultural impact of giving your key stakeholders internally and externally (subject to confidentiality and sensitivity of the information being shared) the opportunity to contribute to support the deal activity are a game changer for every organisation that wants to optimise the value realised from a deal or simply drive growth and improvement.

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