CXO Diagnostic Series

The CXO Diagnostic Series refers to the full standard suite of 21 diagnostics provided as standard to assess the maturity of the organisation through the alternate lenses of directors responsible for driving continuous performance improvement across their respective business functions.

CXO Diagnostic Series

The CXO Diagnostic series  analyses the business and each business function through three critical layers (1) Strategy and Governance: Efficient Planning & Control (2) Effective Management of Resources and (3) Delivering business value via robust reliable capabilities from an overall business perspective or through a specific director/ business functional lens perspective.

The CXO Diagnostic Series assesses the effectiveness of each of the three layers looking at 8 critical issues in each layer from a fitness for purpose point of view across 10 Dimensions namely Process, Communication, Training, Global consistency of standards, Governance, Performance Management, Technology, Cultural Fit, Capabilities and Investment. The diagnostic assesses and compares current state and future state aspirations and takes into account impact, risk and priority to deliver a prioritised roadmap for change to help you to plan your change interventions rapidly while harnessing the contributions of your stakeholders to determine the optimum path forward for the business or function you lead.

The diagnostic can be deployed in full, or simply narrowed in focus, or rapidly adapted in line with your own preferences to provide a tailored diagnostic review. If you prefer to design your own model then this is easily achieved with or without our help and simply and quickly loaded into the ID8 platform to run your diagnostic.

The benefits in terms of speed of analysis, richness and deepness of the insights generated and the positive cultural impact of giving your stakeholders internally and externally the opportunity to contribute to problem solving, decision making, strategy definition to drive change successfully are a game changer for every organisation or business function.

NB. If you don't see your business function or role listed below then do contact us to discuss your specific requirements as we can quickly develop and tailor models within 1-2 days to suit your specific needs.

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