Process Maturity Diagnostics Series

The Process Maturity Diagnostic series provides a comprehensive range of process assessment diagnostics to look at your business processes within individual business functions or across a range of functions so that gaps and insights can be generated and an action plan developed to deliver process improvement.

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Process Maturity Diagnostics Series

The Process Maturity Diagnostic can either be run as a deep dive against a specific process area that is proving challenging for the organisation or can be run as a shallow dive across a range of business processes high level, broad or narrow. There are over 3000 business processes in our standard library of processes to review but we recognise that every business will have their own process definitions, naming conventions, and terminology so we typically work with you to agree the scope of the specific processes or process areas to review and adapt and tailor the Process Maturity diagnostic accordingly.

When running a deep dive review into a specific process we look at the process area across 3 layers namely strategy and organisational Modelling, effective process design & operation and delivering business value via robust reliable processes.

The deep dive Process Maturity diagnostic can be deployed in full, or simply narrowed in focus, or rapidly adapted in line with your own preferences to provide a tailored workplace strategy diagnostic review. If you prefer to design your own model then this is easily achieved with or without our help and simply and quickly loaded into the ID8 platform to run your diagnostic.

The benefits in terms of speed of analysis, richness and deepness of the insights generated and the positive cultural impact of giving your stakeholders internally and externally the opportunity to contribute to problem solving, decision making, strategy definition to drive change successfully are a game changer for every organisation or business function.

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