Ethics Diagnostic

The Ethics Diagnostic helps you to generate an integrated action blueprint for your ethical principles and journey of change, by using a targeted six-pillar framework. The framework looks at Integrity, Equality, Digital Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility and Ethos which ensures your organisation stays on track to meet its objectives. Each pillar includes key focus areas and principles for adoption, which together deliver success.

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Ethics Diagnostic

Good business ethics is a key driver of business growth

Responsibilities for corporations now go beyond the traditional business model of increasing shareholder profits, to striving to meet the changing expectations of an ethical business in society. As a result, companies are adapting the way they do business to become more ethical and ensure their new responsibilities are underpinned by non-financial, ESG performance metrics.

As more investors follow the trend to use ESG criteria to make investment decisions, there is greater pressure on organisations to demonstrate their ethical performance.

We work with business leaders to help them significantly increase employee advocacy and trust in the workplace, by improving practices and programmes to ensure good business ethics are embedded to mitigate financial, operational, and reputational risk. We help organisations prevent, repair and demonstrate their ethical contribution.

We inspire leadership teams to go beyond traditional corporate strategic governance principles, by challenging them to regularly audit and seek employee feedback. This reveals where their organisation stands in terms of trust and supporting the implementation of truly inspirational ethical practices that have a demonstrative positive impact on employees, bottom line results and business reputation.

Our approach is broken down into the following five steps, with customised reporting at each stage:

1.   Assess the level of trust your employees have in your organisation’s ethical processes and practices

2.   Understand the degree of risks and gaps in your organisations’ ethical processes, culture, and conduct

3.   Propose programmes to mitigate risks or close gaps in your organisation’s ethical processes and codes of conduct

4.   Implement changes to successfully motivate employees to continually deliver the organization’s ethos

5.   Future proof your organisation’s ethics by laying the foundations for regular trust measurement, internal feedback, and meaningful communication

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