‘Business Ethics Associates Launches Automated Ethical Diagnostic Tool, in partnership with Aspire’

September 7, 2022
Carmen Powell

‘Business Ethics Associates Launches Automated Ethical Diagnostic Tool, in partnership with Aspire’

UK-Based Business Ethics Associates Inspires Industry Leaders to adopt aspirational Ethic practices


Business Ethics Associates is proud to announce the launch of its Ethics Diagnostic Tool, powered by Aspire Performance Improvements ID8 Business Diagnostic Platform. The automated tool measures six key pillars of corporate ethical principles and processes to help organisations and sectors maintain and strengthen their ‘circle of trust’ with internal and external stakeholders, while mitigating unexpected risks.


By creating a comprehensive, integrated blueprint for corporate ethical principles and a journey of positive change, improvements can be practically adapted into existing corporate programs with minimum disruption. A targeted, six-pillar framework keeps organisations on track to meet their ethical aspirations efficiently and effectively. These pillars include: Integrity, Equality, Digital Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility and Ethos. Each pillar comprises key focus areas and principles to deliver success and identify risks along the way.


Based in London, Business Ethics Associates is a flexible consultancy with four clear customer propositions. The first enables customers to choose DIY solutions to control costs and processes in-house; the second gives customers the ability to work collaboratively with executive teams and employees to define and shape ethical changes using a diagnostic model to identify gaps, benchmark their current situation and design an aspirational roadmap to excellence. The third creates partnerships with industry institutes, bodies and associations  to define and drive aspirational ethical practices across a sector or industry. This also offers the opportunity to co-brand and customise up to 50% of the survey diagnostic to measure important ethical issues that enable positive change across the industry. The fourth gives customers the opportunity to co-design a white-label framework for big purchasing departments such as governments, who are dealing with large numbers of suppliers and where effective vetting of those suppliers is critical. These customers can white-label an automated ethical tool and customise up to 50% of the survey diagnostic to measure important ethical issues for their organisation.


The Aspire ID8 Business Diagnostics Tool is a revolutionary new genre of business problem solving software that enables the dedicated measurement of a company or sector’s ethical effectiveness. It can identify gaps and provide the necessary data to design an aspirational roadmap for success.


“Business Ethics Associates is clearly dedicated and passionate to delivering ethical improvements with its customers through flexible and cost-effective propositions. We are pleased that together we have built a diagnostic Ethics framework through the use of Aspire’s ID8 Business Diagnostic Toolkit to support this commitment.” said Robert Peopall, MD at Aspire Performance Improvement.


Aspire will also support Business Ethics Associates with customer training and customising tools to customer requirements with the support of its network of experienced consultants.


“This innovative ethics diagnostic tool provides a fast and cost-efficient automated solution for us to help our customers measure ethical issues and identify gaps within individual organisations or entire industry sectors.” and ‘Building strong and collaborative long-term relationships is key to our success, and I am fortunate to have Aspire as part of the team.’ said Ayes Amewudah, Director of Business Ethics Associates.


About Business Ethics Associates


Business Ethics Associates is a flexible  consultancy firm specialising in ethical audits, strategies, frameworks and roadmaps that inspire corporate leadership to challenge the status quo of ethical principles, processes and practices in their organisations and aspire to ethical excellence and risk mitigation.


Business Ethics Associates is made up of experienced senior professionals with a passion for integrating ethics to drive corporate behaviour and success.


Our motto: We innovate, we collaborate, we deliver …


For further insight and information, please contact Carmen Powell on +44 (0) 7787414488or email carmenpowell@businessethicsassociates.com


About Aspire Performance Improvement

Aspire Performance Improvement started commercial operations in March 2016 offering a range of services including M&A Advisory, Exit Readiness Assessments ,Equity Growth Assessments, Programme Turnarounds and implementation of Front& Back Office Systems &Solutions based on technology are what we do, and we do it well.


In October, Aspire launched a new genre of business Diagnostic software – Aspire’s ID8 Business Diagnostic Toolkit (ABDT) introduces new technology that disrupts the traditional management consulting industry to tackle specific problems in days not months.


For further insight and information, please contact Robert Peopall on +44 (0) 7500 003 594 or email robertpeopall@aspireid8.com