Aspire Launches Workplace Strategy Diagnostic On ID8 Business Diagnostic Platform

September 7, 2022
Robert Peopall

Aspire Launches Workplace Strategy Diagnostic On ID8 Business Diagnostic Platform

New ID8 Workplace Strategy Diagnostic

We are living in unprecedented times where the global Covid19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need to re-examine the way we work.

Today, more than ever, we have had to rely on remote working technology to enable many organisations to continue to survive. We have had to adapt our work environments and change our ways of working from a process perspective.

This has placed an incredible strain on our people, our teams and each and every single member of our organisations. Many have had to adapt to remote working in isolation with limited support structures to help staff cope with the stress and anxieties about the future.

Fundamentally, the place we work from the processes and the technologies we use and the impact on where and how our people work has changed forever.

Our property investment portfolios, in terms of owned, leased and or rented requirements needs to be re-examined and re-evaluated.

What do we really need in the future?

Going forwards we believe that we need to re imagine the future of work and life. We provide a unique automated workplace strategy diagnostic capability, which helps you to examine the people, process and place needs of your business.

Our approach enables a rapid assessment of your future requirements in either a 2-3 day intense group workshop approach or run a diagnostic over 10 to 15 days to a representative group from your business, not the 2 to 3 months that traditional management consultancy firms usually take.

Once you have a clearly defined workplace strategy, it will simplify and accelerate any subsequent office design service required by enabling you to arrive at a rapid consensus on what the optimal balanced workplace strategy of the future for your organisation should look like.

Aspire welcomes the opportunity to help you with your workplace strategy needs.

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