Aspire Launches CXO Diagnostic Series on ID8 Business Diagnostic Platform

September 7, 2022
Robert Peopall

Aspire Launches CXO Diagnostic Series on ID8 Business Diagnostic Platform

Aspire launches the CXO Diagnostics Series to help Directors to pragmatically solve business problems

Given the complexity and volatility of today's global economy, independent thinking and fresh insights combined with rapid

collaborative, consensus based decision making are crucial to drive growth.

The Aspire ID8 Business Diagnostics Platform is a revolutionary new genre of business problem solving software that enables organisations to

generate prioritised action plans for change by assessing the current and future required level of maturity of the organisation on any given topic.

Solving narrow problems and lay's the foundation for continuous performance improvement

In its narrowest and simplest sense, it helps businesses to rapidly explore perspectives on practical business problems, generate insights

through fully automated pre built analytics and suggest a prioritised roadmap for change. In its widest sense, it can be deployed across the entire organisation to provide

a target operating model continuous improvement platform to drive constant business improvement activities across the entire business.

The software focuses on defining and driving change successfully to add value to organisations. We believe that the effectiveness of change has to be measured

constantly to ensure success. The platform provides the unique ability to run time phased comparisons through multiple benchmark time periods to enable the

effectiveness of your change programmes to be constantly measured and continually reassessed depending on your preferred reassessment time period.

The Aspire Business Diagnostics Toolkit is a SAAS cloud based software solution. Available is either a public cloud, private cloud or on premise solution.

Accelerates problem solving and strategy work

Traditional management consultancy approaches for strategy, definition and problem solving have often taken 2 to 3 months involving significant external resources and

with a high cost associated. The Aspire Diagnostic Toolkit allows the same activity to be undertaken in 2 to 3 days group working or a 2 to 3 week period with strong

employee engagement across a broad group that helped to drive the development of an automated road map for change for management consideration and agreement.

Multiple service options available to cater for budget preferences

The software enables multiple intervention models to be adopted by organisations to suit their budget constraints and preferred working methods. These include the

following options:

1. Self-service. Run and deliver your own internal diagnostic engagements using our best practice diagnostic models or using your own or a tailored diagnostic applied to

the business problem you want to solve.

2. Workshop based approach typically involves a working group of 5 to 20 people to run through the diagnostic process, using a facilitated open

discussion based approach.

3. Light touch diagnostic approach. This model involves alight touch number interviews blended with a diagnostic run with a wider respondent group to enable wider

group participation, collaboration and insight sharing to contribute to the decision making process.

4. Full diagnostic approach. This involves a wider range of interviews blended with a diagnostic run with a wider respondent group to enable wider group participation,

collaboration and insight sharing to contribute to the decision making process.

The last two approaches use a hybrid approach to allow management and staff view points and opinions to be compared and contrasted, enabling cross validation

between direct observations and the diagnostic information gathered.

Empower stakeholders to collaborate and contribute

The software is designed to enable our clients and our partners and their clients to innovate and solve their own challenges by leveraging the best creative minds within

their own businesses. The diagnostic models can be used out of the box or can be narrowed, expanded or tailored to a client specific needs.

The software enables respondents to provide both quantitative and qualitative information to be shared. The respondents can also attach and share related files of

information to help inform the analytical process and can also share video feedback on their key concerns and priorities.

The software is very different to traditional survey software as it is deliberately designed to address practical business problems with a clear prioritised roadmap for

change and not just generating insights.

The software ultimately empowers your team to collaborate, share insights, opinions ,alternate points of view and influences the design of the changes required to

deliver business success. The more your organisation is involved and given the opportunity to contribute to the change process, then the more they will believe in the

change path chosen. In addition, a participative collaborative approach will foster a spirit of shared ownership, accountability, commitment and determination to

drive the change through successfully.

Aspire welcomes the opportunity to help you to look at your business through any of the 21 CXO Diagnostic model lenses currently available.

Take a look at our short CXO Diagnostic Series video at