Aspire Announces Release Of the ESG Diagnostic in partnership with Plutus Consulting Group

September 7, 2022
Robert Peopall

Aspire Announces Release Of the ESG Diagnostic in partnership with Plutus Consulting Group

ESG Diagnostic Launched By Plutus and Aspire

E stands for Environmental, S stands for Social, G stands for Governance.

These 3 simple words are simply not enough when describing the importance of this topic for organisations and the world at large today.

Living for today does not mean that we should or can afford to ignore the tomorrow.

Future generations will measure us on the actions we take, the innovations we develop, and the insights we create today.

Time to take action

Have you ever asked yourself the why, before the what or the how?

Plutus and Aspire have joined forces to help you learn about the why, listen to the what and take the lead on the how.

How the ESG diagnostic helps

Our solution has been developed to rapidly tackle the difficult questions, so that you have the data to make critical decisions about your business, its ethical responsibilities and green footprint.

Our approach to consultancy is embodied by the Aspire ID8 Diagnostic software which turns the traditional consultancy model upside down empowering your team to participate in the decision making process and taking direct ownership and accountability for solving business challenges, whilst being tailored to your specific needs.

Our ability to provide informative industry-relevant research, build innovative approaches to sustainability challenges and create scalable environments enables ESG outcomes with strategic purpose, good governance, integrity and accountability.

Our services and expertise

Our consulting and advisory services identify and address obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lies within market practices, structures and regulations.

Our expertise within strategy, governance, integrity and accountability lie at the heart of our service offerings; changing investor behaviours for a better and more sustainable future. Significantly cutting the cost of traditional consultancy time required from 2-3 months down to 2-3 days (focused group work) or 10-15 days for a broader stakeholder review.

This is enabled by measuring the gap between current and future aspirational maturity and providing a consensus-based roadmap for the change required.

This is achieved by using flexible hybrid research methods and rapidly gathering and analysing the requirements before offering solutions.

This has to be:

- good for you

- good for your internal and external stakeholders

- and most importantly good for the planet

Aspire and Plutus would welcome the opportunity to help you assess your current ESG state and help you define the plan for achieving your aspirational priorities in the future and act on the plans developed.

Take a look at our short ESG video on vimeo: