Merger of Major Travel Groups

Merger Integration and Synergy Realisation Assessment

Client Need

A very large Travel business group acquired another major Travel business group. The Aspire Founder worked with the senior management team to help identify and manage the realisation of synergies from consolidation of systems and infrastructure; closure of surplus stores, facilities and data centers, reduction in staff numbers, and reconsideration of key service partners, contracts and licences. In addition the founder was asked to help conduct an independent assessment of managements progress in realising the synergies identified to help the Board determine whether to pay bonuses to the management team. The founder was asked to validate the assumptions and bases for the £180m synergy savings, benefits and the associated costs.

Our Approach

A joint team was integrated into the overall merger programme structure including risk/issue and weekly status reporting from a central management perspective. Challenged managements thinking on options to realise merger synergies based on previous transaction experiences and best practice principles. Helped the central management team to monitor and assess progress against realisation plans and targets in order to help realise the value drivers for the transaction. Independently validated the assumptions and underlying principles behind the synergy savings, benefits and costs identified by the client management team.

Outcome Delivered

Helped the client management team to maximise the synergies and value benefits derived from the merger transaction with synergies identified across the following areas: Retail, Tour Operator, Airline, Central UK Operations and Pan European.

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